Water Treatment

Francis Commissioning offers a comprehensive range of services covering every aspect of Water Treatment.

With more of our clients requesting the combined roles of HVAC mechanical commissioning and water treatment we are able to offer a competitive and reliable services to our clients and eliminate any conflict concerning water quality during the balancing works.

Our services include: -

  • System flushing.
  • Pre-commission cleaning.
  • Water treatment and Hygiene programmes.
  • Bacteriological sampling
  • Chlorination / Bromination / Disinfection
  • L8 compliance
  • Water softener installation and servicing
  • Cooling towers cleaning
  • Site survey and risk assessment

Building operators and users are increasingly aware of the dangers posed by water-borne bacteria such as legionella, coliform etc. Whilst the codes and standards require regular checks and disinfection of the water supply system, this can often be only one aspect of water treatment and maintenance of water systems, which are needed within a building.

Francis Commissioning can provide all chemicals relevant to the above services at very competitive prices.